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Three Guys From Brooklyn

3 Guys' Green Initiative

3 Guys' Green Initiative from Brooklyn's Premier Green Grocer

Satisfying a fundamental consumer need, the primary objective of any responsible purveyor of produce is to provide fresh- from- the- farm or terminal market, delicious fruits and fresh vegetables to its customers 100% of the time; assuring the customer that each and every purchase will be the absolute freshest produce available.   For 3 Guys From Brooklyn, providing fresh produce is not just the primary objective, it’s a religion!


While providing quality produce to consumers for more than 30 years is 3 Guys’ stock in trade, this extremely well-run business is also committed to conducting its day-to-day operations in an environmentally-responsible manner, above and beyond the regulations mandated by The City of New York. 


Sustaining the Environment


The very first green grocer in Brooklyn to address the problem of solid food waste disposal, 3 Guys turned to the most intelligent alternative;  a biological solution that converts solid food waste into liquid, suitable for discharge into conventional sewer systems.


By installing the incredible Waste To Water System, 3 Guys has fulfilled its commitment to sustaining the Earth’s ecology by diverting from the landfill almost 10,000 lbs of solid produce per day!  3 Guys has also demonstrated its commitment to sustaining the neighboring environment in Brooklyn by completely eliminating the unsightly, foul-smelling and vermin-attractive produce-waste that can be generated daily by such an active business. 


Additionally, for the waste that cannot be disposed of biologically and ever-mindful of its neighbors’ welfare, 3 Guys has arranged with Metropolitan Recycling to schedule rubbish collections by using one of Metropolitan’s clean-burning natural-gas-fueled trucks. 


Conserving Energy


Continuing its effort to operate in an environmentally-responsible manner as possible, 3 Guys has taken additional steps to demonstrate its commitment to sustainability. 


By installing the KVAR Energy Pro System, an electromagnetic control system that reduces the amount of non-productive current in an electrical system, 3 Guys will reduce energy demand by a minimum of 15% and up to 25% during peak seasons.  In addition to conserving energy, by installing the KVAR System, 3 Guys will also increase the life of the inductive equipment, such as motors, HVAC equipment, pumps and refrigerators, necessary to operate its business.



 Providing fresh produce of the highest quality is the main reason that 3 Guys From Brooklyn has been such a success for more than 30 years.  Conducting its business in such an environmentally-responsible manner as it continues to do, is just one more reason for consumers of the finest, freshest fruits and vegetables to shop at Brooklyn’s certifiably-green location.

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